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Kester Rajan is an Indian contemporary Christian singer and songwriter from Thiruvananthapuram. Kester Rajan was born in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala on January 20,2002. He found passion for music at a very young age. Kester grew up listening to Christian music. He was inspired by Christian musicians, he started to make music with his friend Kenric Adam. They started performing in churches and various community programs.​Kester was given his first guitar by his father and learned to play the guitar from his music teacher. He released his first single 'Just As I Am' at the age of 17. He also released several worship songs over the last few years.​​He finished his high school studies. It was at that point that he started spending a lot of time for making music with his friend Kenric Adam. They started to perform in churches and various community programs. They set up a home studio to record songs. Kester and his friends formed a worship band named Divine Lights Music. He released several worship songs under the band. ​

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